Terms and Conditions

Making a Booking

Choose a service from our website, let us know your date, venue, time and any special requirements then pay your deposit. (Your deposit amount will be given to you upon your booking request) we will then send you a confirmation email or text to confirm your booking.

 Deposits and Payments

ALL deposit payments are to be made at the time of your booking to secure your booking and the remaining balance will be paid in cash to the Butler(s)/Butlerettes on the night of your booking. You can pay your deposit securely using PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Amendments to Bookings

If at last minute you need to make changes to your booking, such as but not limited to, time, date or location of your event, we require 14 days notice. If A-Star Buff Butlers need to provide different Butler(s)/Butlerettes to accommodate your changes, you may incur a charge of £20.

 Our Butlers and Butlerettes

A-Star Buff Butlers pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of Buff Butlers and Butlerettes within the industry. These guys are trained professionals and therefore must be treated with respect and not put in a situation they would be uncomfortable with. We ask that you respect our No Touching Policy and respect that our Butlers and Butlerettes do have the right to cancel the booking and leave the event should this occur. Our Butlers and Butlerettes are not permitted to engage in any of the following:

Illegal activities

Drug consumption

Drinking whilst working

Sexual activity


Although we only provide the very best in reliable Butlers and Butlerettes, all our staff are independent, self employed contractors and therefore liable for their own actions. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to clothing or property and or death/injury. In the event of Butlers and Butlerettes arriving late to a booking, they will make up the time and stay for the amount of time they are contracted for. A-Star Buff Butlers will issue a full refund of any monies paid if  Butlers and Butlerettes fail to arrive but we will NOT issue any form of compensation.

Cancellation Policy

Once a deposit has been paid and received by A-Star Buff Butlers you have 7 days to cancel and claim a full refund. If its been longer then 7 days you will only be entitled to monies over the deposit amount thus losing your deposit. This is due to Butlers committing to "your" booking meaning they potentially lose out on other booking offers.

Photographs and Social Media

ALL photographs taken at the event are property of A-Star Buff Butlers and we reserve the right to use any pictures for social media/advertising purposes. If you do not wish to allow the use of these pictures, you must notify A-Star Buff Butlers via our email or contact number

[email protected]


Privacy Policy/Principles

We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information and we comply with data privacy laws when using your personal information. We never share your contact information with any third parties. We only ever use your contact details within the guidelines of your booking.

Thanks for reading our Terms and Conditions and we look forward to partying with you soon....