Can we touch our Butler(s)?

Appropriate touching (Whilst having photos taken and playing games) is absolutely fine..We just ask that you respect all our A-STAR BUFF BUTLERS!

Where does the Butler(s)

 get changed?

Our Butlers will arrive to the occasion fully clothed so will need a room, to change into his cheeky Buff Butler uniform.

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Can i choose my Butler(s)?

We do are very best to provide the Buff Butler you select, however we cannot always guarantee this. If this is the case, we will allocate you a Butler that best suits your preferences.

Will my Butler(s) play party games?

Of course!! All our butlers have games prepared and are more then happy to recommend them! They will also participate in any games that you already have organised!

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​Can my Butler(s) stay at the party once they have finished their Butler duties?

You can ring up our office on 07891171865 and look at keeping your butler(s) for additional hours, however our Butlers could be on back to back jobs so we recommend that you book your Butler(s) for longer in advance!

Can we accessories out Butler?

If you wish to provide the accessories, our Butlers will be happy to go a long with the party theme or setting!

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